Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Hello everyone. Just to inform everyone I'm still around though I might be going a bit slow on the blogging thingy. But no fear, I am still here.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adief Shafiy is 6 months already?

Yup, it's been 6 month already since our new baby boy was born. Wow, how time flies huh. It just felt like the day after yesterday since he was born. Just imagine, another 6 months to go and we'll be preparing his 1st birthday party. Alhamdulillah, Adief is a healthy baby and easy to take care off. His smile and voice early in the morning brights up and cheers the day. Especially on weekdays. His mumbling and laughter in the car usually cools down the traffic jam syndrome.

Still can't believe it that he has grown so big. From as light as 2.5kg, he is currently around 7.2kg and still growing. Soon he's gonna be heavy as a 10kg beras pack. Anyway, hopefully he will turn up okay...
We love you Adief Shafiy

Adief today as at 9.00am

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Miri - Land of Oils

It's been a very long long time since my last confession...ooops, i mean my last blog entry. A lot has change since my last entry way back in April. Luckily wifey had the chance to cover for me in these few months time. She's becoming a better blogger than I am. But, just like to point out that this site is still active, though not as active as before. Work commitment is one thing. Opportunity and timing is another obstacle.

During this Ramadhan, i had the chance to visit a small town in Sarawak which is Miri. Before this, I've only heard about Miri upgraded to
bandaraya and it's an oil town. Texas maybe???

Anyway, the schedule here during Ramadhan is quite pack and i don't think i had enough chance to explore the city. I did google it to see what interesting places that i could visit during my stay here. The National Park was out of the question, so i guess it's just city drive and stop wherever i could go.

During my few hours before leaving on another jetplane to Kuching, I wanted to go to the Bintang Plaza shopping mall in Miri. I did visit this place earlier during my arrival and I guess it's the most happening shopping mall there is in Miri. Unfortunately for me, the crowd was damm crowded. The road heading towards the parking lot was at a stand still and the parking at the nearby centre was already crowded. With a heavy heart, i decided to leave it and perhaps I'll bumped in to another mall.
Eiffel tower in Miri?

And so I did. Since Miri is a small town, i just drove off with the rented Persona and ended up in Imperial Mall. The Mall was quite ok and it had the anchor stor which is the Boulevard. Sorry folks, no Jusco or Aeon store here. The shops was quite interesting though. DVD's are hung in the shops and easy accessible. The price per DVD is RM6. A bit more expensive compared to Penang but way cheaper than KL. I did manage to catch a souvenier at the mall. I bought a Zee Avi CD at Speedy outlet( like they don't have it in KL). But, I guess you can consider it buying it locally since Zee Avi is from Miri, Sarawak. Though no special local rate was given. By the way, I am currently listening to the cd right now. She's got a very nice vocal and the tunes are quite good. One of the songs that made me smiling and loughing my heart out was Kantoi. Cool tune. Ohh and yeah, in Miri, Sunday is a no plastic bag day. So the picture below is how i received the cd after paying for the item. Go Green.
Love the tacks in this album. Kantoi...

With still about an hour to go before going to the airport, I decided to stop over a the Taman Awam Miri that i spotted last Friday in search for a Masjid to perform the Friday prayer.

The park was beautiful. Equipped with a jambatan gantung (suspension bridge) that did not look too frightening since it was supported by concrete pillars. On the ground there is a wet park for kids to play with the water. Quite similar to the one found in KLCC, but this one seems to be more properly situated in a greenery park and far away from tall buildings. Sofea and Adief would surely love this. I know i would.

After spending abount half an hour or so, it's time to move on to the airport. Though the airport was very nearby, i didn't know where else to go and ended up updating this blog at the airport supported by Starbucks free Wifi network and my D68 Celcom Broadband.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

:: New Blog ::

selepas beberapa bulan menumpang blog hubby tercinta, kini saya sudah ada blog sendiri ye kengkawan:-)kalau rajin jengah2 la..


Thursday, July 16, 2009

::Kepala saya weng weng::

Hi kengkawan, pagi ni saya telah meninggalkan kunci rumah dan kunci kereta di dalam rumah...camne tah boleh lupa nak ambik..elok je gi tekan door knob tu...elok je tekan and tutup pintu baru teringat kunci tak amik...terus tanya nasiah(mil's maid) dia ada amik tak kunci rumah...sekali dia kata tak ada daaaa...abisss la...kunci spare dekat hubby..n hubby pulak ada kat penang...last2 call mama(mil) mintak tolong papa antar kan kunci spare...tq papa tolong antar kunci...seb baik la diorg ada simpan..kalau tidak tak tau la camne nak buat...so sementara dah terkurung kat luar umah sendiri, ni la aksi-aksi sofea yg kebosanan + seronok dpt lari2 kat corridor...

itulah kejadian sengal dipagi hari khamis...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

:: Teluk Chempedak ::

Semalam 1st day saya masuk office lepas 60 hari on maternity leave...memang rasa macam nak nangis je nak gi keja..ala2 macam budak sekolah nak masuk sekolah lepas dah cuti lama...dah la fikir nak tinggalkan adief yg dah 2 bln dok berkepit dgn mommy je...pastu tak dapat tengok aksi sofea yg suka panjat sane panjat sini dan dengar sofea berceloteh...tapi nak buat camne kan..tanggungjawab beb...tapi entry ni bukan nak ngomel pasal nak kena masuk keja..tapi nak cite skit pasal our 1st vacation with new family member ke Teluk Chempedak.. Actually bukan la saje2 pegi bercuti ni..tapi hubby ada kerja kat kuantan so dah alang2 masih lagi tgh bercuti, dengan muka tak malunya saya nak ikut la kan..rasanya lepas ni mesti bos susah nak bagi cuti..kalau ikutkan was-was jugak nak ikut sebab nak kena jaga sofea n adief sorang2 time hubby gi keja..tapi perasaan nak berjalan tu lagi kuat so ikut jugak la...we all bertolak dari kl hari rabu malam lepas hubby balik dr ipoh...kesian dia...sepanjang perjalanan tu sofea n adief tido je..memang senang hati la masa tu...sampai kuantan dalam pukul 11pm terus check in kat Hyatt... On thursday tu suppose hubby kena pegi keja after lunch..so pagi tu still ok lagi la kan...tapi belum ape2 lagi sofea dah start panjat atas meja la, main switch la...adief pulak merengek tak boleh nak tido so kena le berkepit...dalam hati ckp abiss la aku..tapi depan hubby tunjuk cool je sbb dia dah awal2 tanya boleh ke jaga sorang2 ni...dengan confidentnye saya jwb la boleh kan...karang kalau tunjuk muka cuak nanti mesti dia kata "I've told u"...hehehe...sekali tu tgh cuak2 tu hubby's collegue cakap kerja postpone..friday baru ada...masa tu mmg melompat la dalam bilik tu..sofea pun terkebil2 tengok mommy excited semacam...hehehe...petang tu we all lepak je dalam bilik sebab anak2 (lately, suka sebut perkataan ni;-)) tido...sofea tido sampai nak dekat maghrib...malam tu baru la keluar pegi makan kat area luar hotel...jalan kaki je sbb dekat...malam tu dapat lagi berita gumbira...memang kerja hubby kat kuantan tu kena postpone terus...so mmg dtg bercuti je la kat kuantan tu....i likee...hehehe Pepagi lagi hubby dah search internet konon nak carik hotel lain...tapi bila call hotel2 lain semua dah penuh...so we all decided stay je la kat hyatt ni sampai saturday..kira kena bayar sendiri la for one nite..ok la tu kan 2 mlm free...aktiviti hari jumaat tu pulak, lepas sembahyang jumaat hubby bawak pegi berjaya mega mall..gi lunch sane...sampai sana mkn dekat pizza hut..lepas order je tetiba adief meneran...rupanye dia ukk ukk...sofea pulak memang dah tak terkawal..sementara tunggu pizza nak datang, hubby dukung adief kat luar sampai adief lena...saya pulak suap sofea sup dgn cheese stick sambil sofea memanjat2 baby chair yang ada kat situ...huhuhu...then hubby pun datang balik kat pizza hut bwk adief yg dah tertido...sofea pulak dah masuk dalam stroller...tak sampai 5 minit dia pun tido...masa tu tetiba rasa macam heaven je sbb boleh makan dengan tenang...lama x dpt makan dgn tenang sejak dah ada anak ni...hehhehe..lepas makan tu merayau la dalam mall tu...hubby dukung adief, saya pulak sorong sofea dalam stroller...sempat la rembat beberapa keping dvd...best sgt!!balik tu dah siap2 tapau nasi ayam utk dinner..rasa tak larat la nak kuar lagi... On saturday morning pulak hubby bwk sofea gi swimming...seronok la cik kak tu dapat debushh..puas la dia berendam sampai kecut2 tangan dgn kaki..saya pulak turun lambat sikit sebab nak susu kan adief...masa turun tu mmg adief tido je dalam stroller...dapat la amik gambar kat swimming pool tu...dalam pukul 10.45am tu naik la bilik n get ready nak check out...memang agak huru hara gak la time tu..tulah 1st experience jalan jauh sejak dah anak dua ni...memang mencabar tapi bila tengok sofea happy sampai tersengih2 nampak gigi, hilang semua stress...tunggu la bila adief pun dah pandai nak enjoy macam kakak sofea... Balik tu memang terus shoot ke kl...sampai genting sempah tu call tokma tanya ada rumah tak..so singgah la rumah gombak sampai malam...sampai rumah pukul 11 lebih malam...letih...tapi yang paling letih hubby la...yang, thanks bwk kitorg jalan2..we love u...rasanya belum terlewat nak wish Happy Father's Day to u...sofea n adief are lucky to have u as their daddy... selain tu nak wish jugak Happy Father's Day untuk babah n papa..thanks for being such a wonderful father..we love u always... ni ada gambar skit masa kat teluk chempedak..