Friday, March 14, 2008

Rijal Ghaib

After Friday prayers today, i decided to take a walk down Jalan Masjid India since there were still some time left before 2.30pm. As i was walking towards Masjid India itself, i managed to browse through some of the stalls that were back in business after the prayer. There was a stall selling vcd's of series of ceramah though not all of them were series of real ceramahs. Some of them were merely materials from PAS or PKR video recordings. I guess the sellers are the one making profit out of these ceramahas since they were not copyrighted. Imagine you telling a story infron of a crowd for free and then suddenly someone else is cashing in on you. And the funds go straight to their pocket and not a single penny to you. Wouldn't you get mad as well???

As i continued walking, there was quite a number of crowds just right next to Masjid India. It was the pakcik again whom i saw last friday. He was demonstrating to us that he can make money appear inside a box. The dialogues he used were almost the same. He would burn down a few pieces of newspaper cutting, and then putting it inside a black box. He would then "puh sini, puh sana" (blowing) and mentioning " Hey Rijal Ghaib....

He would then cover the box with a red cloth and saying that each currency notes will appear inside the box from Rm 1 up to Rm100. He then would call for a volunteer, a kid. Today's kid was 13 years old while i did not catch the boy's age from last week show. The boy would then take a peek under the cloth and just as last week, he would say " Ada duit "...

The pakcik then will tell the crowds that to get halal money and all of a sudden he would open up another display case box promoting a special ring. The ring according to him has many usages. If you were bitten by a snake or any poisonous animal, just put the ring at the place where you were bitten and the poison would come out. I did not catch the name of the ring though.

Like last week, i did not have the patience long enough to wait for what will happen next. Did the money really appear, a gimmick or just a way of advertising to get people to buy THE RING. Did the pakcik really give each and every crowd the money that he promised? Today because i waited to see the magic show, i ended up being soaked by the rain. I just wanted to see the end of the magic show but fate has not favoured me for 2 weeks to see the conclusion of the magic show and ended up late to the office while being all wet.

Here is a definiton which i took from a website

Rijalul Ghaib diambil dari kata rijal yang artinya laki-laki dan ghaib yang berarti tidak kasat mata, artinya orang mulia dari bangsa jin. Sebab orang timur tengah menyebut seorang bangsawan atau seorang yang mulia dengan sebutan rijal (orang laki-laki)


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