Monday, April 06, 2009

Pukul Berapa Datuk Harimau ???

Pukul berapa datuk harimau???
Pukul 11
Pukul berapa datuk harimau???
Pukul 12....
Aauummmm......Arrrghhhh, lari lari.... harimau lapar nak makan

Do you still remember those kind of games when we used to play during our childhood ? Well, i certainly do. But the point about this entry isn't about the game at all. Confused? Stick a little while.

Now, how does the harimau knows that it is 12 o'clock or any other time. Certainly he has a watch to see what time is it. The point that i would like to highlight is that he has a watch to tell him what's the time and so do i, now. Wifey was kind enough to present me with a new swatch watch that i have been eyeing for quite sometime everytime we pass by a watch shop. Previously i was going to try to save up RM20 for the next 11 month so that i could buy this watch. And guess what, i haven't even started. Hehehe. It's just a simple plain normal swatch watch but hey, if you like it than you like it. She bought it for me when we were out last weekend at KLCC after watching Confession's of a Shopaholic.

After not wearing one for nearly 7 month, i finally have a watch again which i can refer for time instead of lighting up my handphone for time. Feels good. I like it.

Wifey says it's for me to keep track of time when the contraction begins and for bearing with her throughout the whole 2nd pregnancy period. But deep in her heart, i know it's because she loves me :)

ps: i love this watch. My first truely original swatch. Woohoo!!! In your face Rebecca Bloomwood. *lol*

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